Leslie Rodriguez is Los Angeles based makeup artist, hair stylist and licensed cosmetologist who is known for her keen technical skill, strong attention to detail and nurturing manner with her clients. She has become a force in makeup within the Los Angeles region and beyond with her clean, bright work coupled with a strong focus on beautiful, natural skin.

Calling the City of Angels her home for her entire life, Leslie has happily found herself living and working at the epicenter of her passion for beauty, in a market that provides her the ever-satisfying fuel to feed her love for her work.

Leslie always had an interest in makeup, but it wasn’t until trying out a job at a retail cosmetics counter that she met her future. Having been searching for a career that gave her the same excitement and creative focus that she had longed for since childhood, she found it in full-force through makeup artistry and never looked back.

Meeting the owner of a local magazine in Ventura, her journey began in earnest and one beautiful makeup after the other led to working with the photographers and clients of her dreams, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom and Comedy Central.

Leslie is an active and respected member of the professional makeup community and well known throughout her industry’s most prestigious trade events and shows. Her work can be see at www.makeupbylez.com and you can follow her on Instagram @makeupbylez and @hairbylez












Celebrity Clientele:
Channing Tatum
Anna Kendrick
Ice Cube
Joe Manganiello
Brittany Snow
Devon Graye
Carmelita Jeter - Olympian
Hayley Duff
Christopher Mintz-Passe
Michael Angarano
Keke Palmer
Jean Claude Van Damme
Nicole Branagh - Pro Volleyball Player
Vinny Guadagmino
Nina Dobrev
Candice Accola
Charles Baker
Jen Lilley
Zulay Henao


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